Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Client: Maceo Design and Management, Dublin


Raelec were engaged to develop the high voltage system design for a 300MW Compressed Air EnergyStorage (CAES) Plant at Larne, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.  CAES is a novel concept, with only two operating facilities currently operating globally.  The process involves using low-cost power to compress air and store it in underground caverns.  At periods of high demand (and hence high energy tariffs) the compressed air is mixed with relatively small quantities of natural gas to generate electrical power. Gaelectric, the Irish renewables developer, had enaged Maceo Design and Management to develop a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a CAES plant in Larne.  In turn, Maceo brought Raelec into the team due to Raelec's expertise in HV power systems design.  For CAES Larne Raelec's brief included: If you are interested in this technology, or have a similar application with which you think that Raelec can provide assistance, please contact us.